GolfTwitterTipster - @GolfTwitTipster

Rules and Regulations.....

1.)  A mythical £1 Each Way is placed on each selection for each tournament.

2.)  A maximum of 5 selections per tournament are allowed.

3.)  All selections MUST be tweeted to @GolfTwitTipster before the time of the first pairings tee shot for each tournament.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule, if you tweet selections but don't include @GolfTwitTipster, these WILL NOT be included as entries to the competition. 

4.)  The odds for this competition will be taken from the best price published in the Racing Post Odds grids on the Wednesday of an event

5.)  In the event that the Racing Post does not offer a price, or does not publish an odds grid, the price will be William Hill's odds as of the time of the start of the tournament.

6.)  Each way terms will be paid out for the first 5 at 1/4 odds.  Should there be any ties then these will be settled as of the high street bookmakers, so if two are shared 5th place, you would get 1/2 of the 1/4 odds, if three share the place then it is a 1/3 of the 1/4 odds.

7.)  Competitors must enter selections in at least 4 tournaments per month to be eligible for the monthly prize

8.)  Competitors must have entered selections in at least 20 tournaments to be eligible for the overall season prize

9.)  The winner of the monthly prize will receive a £50 free bet courtesy of William Hill

10.)  The winner of the overall season prize will receive £500 of free bets courtesy of William Hill

11.)  In the event of a tie, the prize (both monthly and overall) will be shared and split evenly amongst the number of winners.

12.)  If there are two players with the same name as entered by a contestant, then the lowest priced of the players will be taken as the entry.  For example if the entry states P Lawrie, and Paul Lawrie is 40/1 and Peter Lawrie is 100/1, then Paul Lawrie will be taken as the entry.

13.)  The monthly competition includes all tournaments that are due to FINISH in that calender month, irrespective of when they are actually completed.  So a tournament starting on Feb 27th and finishing on March 2nd, counts under the March totals. 

14.)  The overall competition winner will be the person with highest total profit following the completion of the World Tour Championship in Dubai on November 23rd 2014

15.)  Any questions or correspondence should be sent to admin@golftwittertipster.co.uk

Good luck everyone and thanks for playing